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Attempted suicide results in a one-year prison sentence

Vivid Edafe, Public Relations Officer of the Delta State Police, has disclosed that tried suicide is a felony offence in Nigeria.

Edafe defined in an announcement to on Tuesday that the regulation considers tried suicide against the law punishable by as much as one 12 months in jail.

This clarification comes after a person who tried suicide in Abuja was arrested by cops. Involved residents questioned why the person was not rescued and given the mandatory assist as an alternative of being arrested.

Edafe stated: “On-line judges questioned why the person who tried to commit suicide in Abuja was arrested and never rescued.

“Nicely, the regulation has no place for pity or feelings, the regulation is evident, suicide in itself is just not against the law, however tried suicide is against the law that carries a one 12 months jail sentence if discovered responsible.

“We don’t make the regulation, we simply implement it. SEC 327CC”

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