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God is not a Christian, says popular Nigerian preacher

In style pastor Abel Damina has defined why God isn’t a Christian and is asking on his congregations to cease believing that solely those that consider in Jesus Christ go to heaven.

Damina, the senior pastor of Abel Damina Ministries Worldwide, made this identified throughout one in all his sermons on Monday.

He rebuked Christian believers who thought that Christianity was the one faith that would take somebody to paradise, to desert their place, and he instructed that Jesus was not a Christian in any respect.

Based on him, biblical figures akin to Abraham, David and Jesus Christ didn’t use the time period ‘Christianity’, however as an alternative used unbelievers, including that these holy folks have been merely disciples or believers, and never ‘Christians’ within the conventional sense.

He stated, “A lot of you assume God is a Christian. God isn’t a Christian. A lot of you assume that in case you are not a Christian, you aren’t going to heaven, lie. Individuals went to heaven earlier than Christianity began. Christianity began in Antioch within the e book of Acts. That ought to humble you slightly bit, and you must alter your theology.

“And it’s unbelievers who’ve given the title Christianity that you simply bear as a situation for going to heaven – unbelievers who observe the individuals who have been followers of the teachings of brother Paul. After instructing for a while, they noticed the transformation that these folks had undergone. Earlier than that point they have been referred to as believers and almajiris. They have been disciples of Paul.

“Then the folks stated as an alternative of calling them disciples, the transformation we see in them is that they appear to be Christ, so let’s name them Christians. However earlier than that, many individuals went to heaven, together with the thief on the cross. So you do not have to be a Christian to get to heaven.”

He was referring to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Abel, Isaiah, and David, together with Jesus, who weren’t Christians throughout their lifetimes.

Damina is thought for taking controversial positions on necessary points in his sermons, normally requiring different preachers to talk.

The RexGists lately reported that he obtained criticism for his remark in regards to the remedy for porn dependancy.

He suggested porn addicts to not attempt too laborious to cease watching porn, however to maintain watching and on the identical time hearken to the phrase of God.

“Don’t attempt to cease watching porn. Don’t attempt in any respect. Simply hold watching porn. When you’re watching porn, you’re spending extra time listening to the ‘phrase.’ For those who watch porn for an hour, you’re spending three to 4 hours listening to the phrase of God.

“Listen. Go get all my teachings about Christ. Simply continue learning and studying. After some time you’ll discover that your starvation for pornography decreases and your starvation for the phrase of God will increase. Earlier than you already know it, you may be irritated whenever you see pornography.

“The Phrase of God will kill that urge for food utterly and provide you with a wholesome urge for food. That’s what it’s essential to do. Don’t attempt to cease. Maintain watching, however spend extra time learning God’s phrase, and also you’ll discover that earlier than you already know it, your need for pornography shall be gone,” the pastor stated.

Nevertheless, this brought on division, particularly amongst indignant conservative Christians on social media, who felt the preacher was encouraging folks, particularly addicts, to sin.

A distinguished minister, Gideon Odoma of the Fortress Ministry, opposed Damina’s submission, calling pornography a perversion.

“Christians have trivialized sexual adventures. What God calls iniquities, we must always by no means name flexing,” he stated.

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