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Governor Ododo assures CUSTECH students of enhanced security

Kogi State Governor, Ahmed Usman Ododo, has reassured students and management of the Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH) Osara over improved security on the university campus.

The governor stated this when he met 29 students of the university who were rescued from their kidnappers who had attacked the university campus and taken away 31 students. May 9, 2024.

In a bid to restore confidence and demonstrate his administration’s commitment to the safety of students and educational institutions in the state, the governor pledged to complete the fencing of the university within 16 weeks and ensure full surveillance of the campus, with the capacity to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.

Governor Ododo said he would work with the management of the university to continuously evaluate the security architecture of the school and make improvements where necessary in line with the safe schools initiative of the state government. He stressed that nothing will deter his administration from making education accessible to the large population of youths in the state.

Governor Ododo reiterated his commitment to a safe learning environment in all parts of the state, adding that no effort will be spared to combat criminal elements wherever they may be in the state.

The governor, who vowed to immortalize two murdered students of the university, James Anajuwe and Caleb Musa, who were killed by their abductors, also inspected the university’s Senate Building, new housing projects for men and women and the university’s demonstration farms.

In his address, the State Commissioner for Education, Mr Wemi Jones, commended the Governor for the decisive steps he took to rescue 29 of the 31 abducted students.

He prayed for the peaceful rest of the two students, James Anajuwe and Caleb Musa, who were killed by the kidnappers before the rescue operation was completed in June. He assured that the government will prevent a repeat of this unfortunate incident in the university.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Vice Chancellor of CUSTECH, Professor Abdulrahaman Salawu, expressed appreciation to Governor Ododo for the fatherly role he has continued to play in the lives of the students since their abduction and after their release from captivity. He also extended his support to the families of the deceased students.

He pledged the collaboration of the university management with the administration of Governor Ododo to ensure rapid development of the university.

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