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North Central tops the list, police register 1,702 murder cases

In 2023, the Nigerian police recorded a complete of 1,702 murders, 2,149 kidnappings and 320 robberies.

In response to a report launched on Friday, July 5, 2024, by Statisense, a knowledge assortment group, the North Central area had the very best variety of reported homicides, with a complete of 436 for the 12 months.

Throughout the reporting 12 months, 417 homicide instances have been registered within the Northwest, 345 within the Northeast and 174 within the Southwest, putting them second and fourth respectively.

Within the Southeast and South-South areas, 169 and 161 homicide instances have been registered respectively.

An additional breakdown of reported homicides by state confirmed that Plateau had the very best variety of instances, with 230 instances.

Different states reported the next: Taraba had 155, Kaduna 139; Borno, 99; Kebbi, 91; Edo, 79; Zamfara, 73; Oyo, 64; Enugu, 60; Benue, 52; Niger, 48; Katsina, 46; FCT, 43; I’m 38; Osun, 38; Abijah, 36; Canoe, 35; Lagos, 35; Sokoto, 33; Kogi, 32; Gombe, 30; Adamawa, 29; Ondo, 25; and Akwa Ibom 24.

As well as, Anambra recorded 21 homicide instances in 2023, adopted by Yobe with 18, Bayelsa and Nasarawa with 17 every, Delta with 16 and Bauchi, Ebonyi, Kwara and Rivers with 14 every. Ogun reported 12 instances and Cross River had 11.

Moreover, the geopolitical distribution of reported kidnapping instances confirmed the next: the Northwest had 759 instances, the North-Central had 476 instances, the Northeast had 408 instances, the South-South had 216 instances, the Southeast had 191 instances and the Southwest had the least variety of instances with 99 instances.

If we take a look at state by state, Kaduna reported 310 kidnapping instances, Taraba 200, Zamfara 160, Katsina 133, FCT 132, Plateau 119, Enugu 99, Edo 97, Kogi 97, Kebbi 84, Gombe 74, Borno 62, Sokoto 50, Delta 47, Nasarawa 43, Niger 41, Rivers 39, Adamawa 39, Imo 33, Kwara 33, Abia 32, Osun 30 and Bauchi 22.

Others are Ondo, 20; Kano, 17; Anambra, 17; River Crossing, 17; Oyo, 16; Ogun, 15; Ekiti, 14; Benue, 11; Yobe, 11; Ebony, 10; Bayelsa, 9; Akwa Ibom, seven; Jigawa, 5 and Lagos, 4.

For recorded theft instances, the South West had the very best quantity for the 12 months in query with 107 instances. The North Central recorded 54 instances, the South South had 53, the South East reported 51, the North West had 29 and the North East had 26.

In response to the distribution of recorded theft instances by state, Lagos recorded the very best quantity with 32 instances, adopted by Oyo with 31, FCT with 22, Enugu with 17, Abia, 17; Osun, 15; Rivers, 15; Plateau 14, Kaduna 14, Edo 14, Ogun 13, Delta 11

Ekiti 11, Taraba 10, Gombe 10, Imo eight and Kano eight.

Others are Anambra eight, Niger seven, Benue six, Ondo 5, Akwa Ibom 5, Bayelsa 5, Kwara 4, Adamawa three, Cross River three, Kebbi two, Katsina two, Sokoto two, Yobe two, Zamfara, Kogi, Bauchi and Ebonyi had one apeice.

Safety knowledgeable Oladele Fajana confused that kidnapping is probably the most reported crime because of its profitable nature within the nation.

He urged the federal government to make sure that punishment for such crimes acts as an efficient deterrent to cease crime.

He mentioned: “The quantity is a mirrored image of what we now have in society. Armed theft, which was once profitable, has misplaced its place to kidnapping and that explains why it’s rampant within the nation. It is usually unhappy to see that the variety of murders has elevated final 12 months. I feel the police are doing a superb job with this knowledge.

There must also be stricter penalties for crimes within the nation as a deterrent.”

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