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Palm oil not good for lubricant production – CEO of Oilden

Oilden Energies CEO Oluwatoni Oladiran warns in opposition to using palm oil as a base oil for lubricant manufacturing.

Oladiran lamented the quantity of counterfeit engine oils available in the market and expressed concern that some counterfeiters had gone to the extent of utilizing edible palm oil for the manufacturing of lubricants, which he stated would injury the engine.

Oladiran, whose firm specializes within the manufacturing of motor oil, just lately said in an interview with some journalists that palm oil can’t keep its place as a result of its high quality modifications with the climate.

“Should you go to the market and see a product with the Oilden label, that’s not my product as a result of I provide on to the top person.

“It’s so unhealthy that some counterfeiters are utilizing palm oil as a serious addictive substance for the manufacturing of lubricants. That’s why there appear to be many circumstances of broken engines and transmissions. Should you use contaminated gasoline, the engine can nonetheless be repaired, however as soon as the engine comes into contact with poor high quality lubricant, that’s the top of that engine,” Oladiran stated.

Oladiran defined that utilizing palm oil can’t be an innovation for the manufacturing of lubricants.

“I’m by no means recommending that palm oil ought to ever be used to supply lubricants. Base oils come in several sorts to supply completely different lubricants: 15W40, 5W30 for automobiles, SAE40 for industrial equipment and others.

“The extract which you can get from palm oil is hydraulics, which is SM150. They fry it to the thinnest stage and after they try this, it offers them what they need on the time, but when there’s a bit wind on it, it sticks again collectively and that defeats the aim.

“Everyone knows that irrespective of how lengthy you fry palm oil, so long as you retain it in chilly climate, it thickens. That’s what units it aside from base oil,” he claimed.

Based on Oladiran, the standard of base oil is not going to change beneath any climate situations.

“Palm oil ruins manufacturing. You don’t know the way unhealthy it’s till it damages your machine. You should utilize palm oil lubricant in your small mills, however don’t attempt it on heavy equipment. I don’t suppose palm oil ought to ever be a alternative for base oil as a result of it continues to spoil equipment. Let palm oil do the cooking for us,” he suggested.

The CEO of Oilden Energies introduced that base oil, a key element of lubricants, was being imported, lamenting the problem of doing so resulting from trade charge fluctuations.

Oladiran stated Nigeria will stay closely depending on base oil imports until native refineries change into operational.

He reasoned that Nigeria ought to refine its crude oil regionally to cease importing refined merchandise reminiscent of gasoline.

“Nigeria ought to, as a matter of urgency, begin including worth to its crude oil by refining, advertising and exporting it to the worldwide market. By doing so, we might have succeeded in boosting the native economic system by creating large employment alternatives, which in flip boosts the economic system,” he added.

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